Chapter 2: Follow Me, Page 46

One last jab from Alexis, and then the mob notices the scene (they will NOT like cleaning up all those books from before). As you can see they've had quite enough of Named Ones for the day, but Gavin has an out-the handy, dandy device that ... stubbornly doesn't work at first. Hmm, Alexis might be on to something about him not really knowing how to use that. And scene!


  1. Where's the new page? :'( It's been a couple of weeks, and still no update.

  2. Sorry, Windoula. Thanks for asking!

    I'm about to make a contest announcement (if I can just hammer down the details). Because I am taking a short (seriously short, I can't stand not being in this world) hiatus.

    My job is on a tight product deadline, so prior to page 46 I announced I'd have to take a short break. (I hate doing that!)

    I need to do some housekeeping on the script, prepping old pages for print (first time!), relax, feel out some future plot points, and try to make sure I'm getting the daytime project out on time! I'm hoping to be properly back mid October and have some fluff in the works to hold folks over.

    So sorry to keep you waiting. The Tumblr and Facebook pages are great for keeping up in between. I post more inane things there so I don't clutter up the comic! :)