October Hiatus Contest!

As I hinted at previously, due to work constraints, I feel the need to take a hiatus from updates in October. I will be updating the script, looking ahead to some new plotpoints, prepping pages 1-29 for a print run, and other exciting things (MSU Spartans be ready!). I plan to be back October 18th!

However, I don't like giving you no new pages, so contest!

Invent a Wicked Child


Okay, that sounds a little awful, but your mission (should you choose to accept it) is make up your own character that could reside at the Asylum for Wicked Children. James, Christian, Kitty, Allie, Raymond, Haley, and Quentin are all residents there: part human and part Named One.

Then (depending on your skills):


  1. Create a profile for your character


  1. Write a fanfic with your character in the Asylum.
  2. Create a piece of fanart with your character and others from Infinite Spiral.


  1. Submit the profile AND your fanart or fanfic to the Infinite Spiral Tumblr (hey it is a nice feature!).
  2. Deadline is November 1st!

Entries will be judged on creativity, "fit" (do they feel like they'd live in the Asylum), and fun! My sister, who played in this world with me as a child, will help me judge.

The top entry from each category will get to make a sketch request from me. The top two entries in each category will have their OC cameo (if they would like) in the upcoming pages of Infinite Spiral.

Don't want to participate? 

You can still enjoy it! Watch the Tumblr for submissions (and my sketches and works in progress), send me an ask, hassle me on Deviant Art, check in on me, try to wheedle spoilers out of me, nag me for pages. I don't mind!

Also, some bonus:  Impossible James and Rory fluff-as though they met under different circumstances (aw, he's cute when he's not running away from her).

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