Holiday and Announcements

If by "Mom" you mean me, then I took a little Labor Day Break. The truth is, this has been an intense scene this chapter, and I spent the weekend drawing happy scenes that won't happen for awhile, silly illustrations like this that just are for smiles, and spending some time writing character shorts to work out some events that are referred to, but not currently in the main timeline.

I will be posting page 46 to round out this scene next week!

Short Hiatus on the Way

Then I will be going on hiatus until mid-October (stay tuned for a specific end date) in order to bring you some exciting things AND give myself less deadline stress ahead of a major deadline for a project in my day job.

Never fear! Good things are coming (some of which are why I have to give myself a break from drawing, inking, and coloring new pages).

Print Run

Yes! I am planning a small print run of the Prologue and Chapter 1. There is a lot more clean up than I had hoped because of my liberal use of art that extends past the bleed. I want to give it attention it deserves. 

Also, page 1 only exists as a reduction, so I will be forced to redraw (and ... try to blend it with the Prologue style as best I can stand).  

The layouts need to be done by next week some time, as I might have reason to have copies on hand in early October (another reason to stay tuned!).

1st Year Anniversary Contest

In absence of new pages, I am planning a contest! In July, Infinite Spiral, hit the one year mark, and this is cause to celebrate (for me, as this project might near be my current life span in the making).  I'll be posting contest details the week I officially go on hiatus and keeping you updated via deviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Fun Art

I have fun art in the works to balance out all this seriousness, including a new strip. Check  deviantArt for the WIP sketches.

Thanks for all of your support throughout the wild year!

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