Enter the Spiral. 

Rory Perkins is just a normal girl with a solid grasp on reality.  While catching fireflies she discovers there are whole other worlds out there.

And then she gets lost in one …

When the other worlds turn out to be less than wondrous Rory must choose between two quests:

Find her way back to her own

or make things right in the rest.

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I love chatting with my readers on social media and my Tumblr and dA is full of art and sketches you just won't see cluttering up the Spiral here! Feel free to drop by and join in the fun.

Infinite Spiral is a webcomic by, me,  Kristy Cunningham.  I'm a UX Designer in the DC Metro area who believes play is important to people, and seeks to design and create experiences, interactions, characters, worlds, stories, and games that inspire wonder and spark the imagination. I live life on the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey side (no blue box necessary), listen to Imaginaerum on repeat, love the thieving antics of the Mustelid family, and still remember how to fly. You can reach me by email at novemberkris at gmail dot com.