Aurora "Rory" Perkins:  Friendly, curious, courageous, and clumsy, Rory hardly comes off as anyone of significance. The truth is Rory is more special than she imagines. In fact, she is Singular. Being both human and Singular is pretty rare in the Spiral, and it has more implications for her destiny than she knows. Like any young homesick traveller, she carries a bag of goodies and her stuffed animal Roary around with her wherever she goes. Those random items always seem to come in handy for some reason, too.  Now if only she could only find her feet … and the floor.

James Aldwin Hartwell:  Empathetic, reserved, and cautious, James is more likely to be found with his head in a book than engaging with others-their emotions are just too much for him. He keeps to the rules, except in the quest for new knowledge, and is especially in tune with living things. He can't remember his past, but is sensitive to the fact that he is not human and is homesick for a world he cannot remember. Thankfully, he has his brother-in-Name, Christian, around to break him out of his shell now and then.

Christian Rafferty:  He has the smile that never quits. Christian is a rapscallion and a charmer that truly believes that everything is his fault (it usually is). Loyal beyond reason and more than a bit lucky, Christian is the impulsive, push the big red button type. It is a bit disconcerting that he can use a yo-yo to bend reality around him. Good thing he has James around to rein him in or he'd have drawn a mustache on his own face in permanent marker by now.

Gavin:  Mysterious, eccentric, and a bit creepy, Gavin appears places he really doesn't quite belong (and in more than one set of clothes). Although he avoids most people and hates to be touched, he always seems to have a hand in events as they unfold in the Spiral. Nobody knows who he really is and as far as he's concerned his motives are really nobody's business. However, it seems to revolve around Rory.  Even his presumed partner, Alexis, doesn't often know what he is up to.

Alexis Ward:  With moods that swing between annoyed and hostile, Alexis is not the friendliest individual in the Spiral. However, she's a sardonic ginger with a knack for snapping Gavin to reality and can keep him in line … sort of. She refuses to leave his side until she gets some real answers from about about what is going on in the Spiral. She has some baggage too, and not the kind that gets extra fees in the airport.

Allie Collins:  Strong, knowledgeable, and defiant, Allie is the oldest and tallest child in the Asylum for Wicked Children. In fact, at 17 she has one more year before she will be relabeled human for not showing any signs of Wickedness other than her Name.  Coming from a Wicked run territory called Clansland on a secret quest, she's incredibly frustrated by the deceit inherent in the system outside it's walls. She'll probably do something about it sooner rather than later.

Kitty Stewart:  Gentle and protective, Kitty is the heart of the Asylum, and where James fails she falls right in step to lend an extra hand.  Despite warnings from her grandfather, Yvgeny, she's Christian's extra special lady, and he's charmed her Name right out of her. Her association with the two most notorious boys in the Asylum (well, notorious in the eyes of the Headmaster) makes her especially vulnerable.

Headmaster Dorian Lamprey:  A survivor of the Massacre, indicated by the branding on his hands, Dorian Lamprey is both Wicked and severe. He witnessed the deaths of uncountable Named Ones and does not speak of the Massacre outside of historical texts.  His Agreement allows him certain privileged use of his abilities for the protection and education of Wicked Children, and he is determined to save them from their own abilities once they Illuminate. James is a special concern and he is undoubtably harshest on him.