It's Been Awhile


I didn't keep my promise, did I? I can own that. Last year took a bigger toll on my creativity than I expected. Losing my Gram knocked the wind out of me. I've been, inch by inch reprioritizing my life. My creativity has come back ... slowly.

But I'm still here. I'm beginning to draw again - simple fun things. New story ideas have come to me in the past year I'm planning to pursue.

But Infinite Spiral is my special comic child. It lives deep within me and is a story I've been wanting to tell since I was a teenager. I'm working myself back up to it. Thanks to your support, I've sold out of my first print run of Volume 1. I'm planning a second print run.

I've also created a studio to better house my comic works in a space of its own. Meet Curiographic - part studio name part small press name. Expect to see more comics come from me under this brand, as well as blog posts to help others be more creative, and even workbooks and toolkits for creators. I want to tell stories, but most important, I want to help you- Help you to be creative, be amazing, and be a storyteller too.

Life is short and hard and sad and amazing and beautiful. I want to do more than Infinite Spiral, so I'm hoping through this new journey with Curiographic, I can do that.

I'll be working on some new Infinite Spiral illustrations, resetting on my script, and seeking some help with flatting soon. Then, we'll see where I can go from here. I can't promise my updates will be regular, but I will get this story to Volume 2 and see another book printed. Then another ... until the story is done.

I'll also be launching a Kickstarter in the new future. Expect a digital version of volume 1 and some Kickstarter exclusive content in the least.

It may not be an infinite story ... but it is still being authored.

All the best,
Kristy Cunningham Bigler

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