What's Happening and When Infinite Spiral Will Return to Production


Infinite Spiral is on hiatus due to the death of my Gram and the fact I'm getting married in September.

Infinite Spiral will resume in November with no holiday hiatus.

Keep reading for my full letter to you all.

Dear Readers,

2016 has been a challenge.  This May one of the most incredible women in my life passed away ... my Gram.  It is my Gram and Grampool's house that inspired the place Rory left on page 1 of this comic.  It is their house that inspired the interiors you see in Chapter 3 with Rory and Griffin.  My Gram was, and still is a major influence on Infinite Spiral. She was my biggest cheerleader - constantly trying to figure out who each major character was in my real life.

As you can imagine, it has been near impossible to work on this comic in the past few months, with her health deteriorating.  I've combined grief with wedding planning and yet another major product launch (the third year in a row for me in my dayjob). Infinite Spiral has had to wait.

The plan is to get Infinite Spiral running again in November (after the wedding) and take no holiday hiatus this year.  Infinite Spiral will resume, I will close chapter 4, then will be taking a break to print chapters 3-4 as Volume 2.  There will be one more volume after that before the first major Arc of Infinite Spiral closes.

In the meantime, I am at work on a submission to the fourth Square City Comics anthology, which is in memory of my Gram. This healing experience is being completed with as few digital tools as possible. To be honest, I'm also suffering from screen fatigue. I'm hoping to resume sharing work on social channels, but right now I have 2 odd months to go before my wedding and that is taking up a lot of my focus as well.

You guys have been patient with me for three years now.  I've had some major life altering events each year and you've stuck through each hiatus. For that I am grateful. Thank you for reading. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for cheering me on - for finding me at cons and asking when Volume 2 is coming out - for asking me when I'll finish chapter 4 - for asking me how long Infinite Spiral will be (it is 3 major arcs). Thank you for loving my world and its oddball inhabitants. You are generous and patient and you keep me going. Thank you.

I'll be back with more Spiral - I love this world too much to abandon it.  See you with new pages in November.

Take care,

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