Prologue "Aurora" Page 08

The last page of the prologue has arrive, and boy is it a doozy. The lighting changes, much in the way auroras do, as the magic of statue/angel man gets going. Our hooded friend is back to narrating, and seems to ... know Rory. Cornered, the angel is able to complete his task, which involves a transformation that ultimately leaves Rory as a statue. And thus, Rory has entered the Infinite Spiral. Not to mention, hooded man reveals his face. Hmm ...

World Notes/Mythology: In Angel lore, the angel Lailah touches souls just under the nose before they are born, erasing their memories of life before birth and leaving the philtrum (indentation below the nose). Although Rory is not going to lose her memories of home (didn't want to alarm anyone), the kind of metamorphosis or birth metaphor is here.

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