In Other Worlds #1

The "Infinite Spiral" main arc will return with a new chapter on Monday!

Welcome to "In Other Worlds", the silly spin on things that happen in and around the "Infinite Spiral" and in Alternate Spirals. "In Other Worlds" is all about funny one-two page backstories, crossovers, and other stories that cannot (and should not) be told as part of the main thread of the story. The idea is that these are all humorous in nature (making fun of some of my own plot points, bringing back jokes involving media influences from childhood, comicking audience suggestions and answers to questions). This is the fun-fun silly willy!

"Squeak" is a Rory Perkins backstory. Yes, she has a family she leaves behind to enter the Spiral (more on how that works later in the main story). However, this is a different glimpse into the personality of the Rory you are getting to know. Have fun (and what child/parent can't relate to this, really?)

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