Infinite Spiral Returns November 4th!

After a long hiatus, Infinite Spiral will be returning November 4th, continuing the 3 weeks on and 1 week off pattern of release!

My goal is to stay online (no more hiatuses in the next year) and have Volume II ready for print by next fall! That means Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 must be complete! (whoa ...) This is a teaser for art that will be included as part of Volume II! More on that as I get closer to goal.

Also, Infinite Spiral's 3 year anniversary passed this summer. I'm still thinking of a way to celebrate ... ideas welcome!

A lot has happened - family events that needed taken care of, product releases for my day job, and ... oh ... the Square City Anthology, "The Cure" project and it's Kickstarter ...

The Cure teaser

The clock is ticking! We've funded the printing of the Anthology, but we'd still like to pay our creators. With 28 hours left, we need your help to hit those stretch goals!

There are still a couple of $45 Sketchy Citizen tiers where I offer sketches.  There is also a $100 tier where you can receive a copy of "The Cure", Infinite Spiral, Everyday Imaginings, a selection of my prints, and a sketch by me!

Share and back the Cure!

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