Some floating feels to tide you over

This week marked an important milestone for me and my ever supportive significant other, so to celebrate, I'm taking this week off.

In the meantime, have some Rory and James fluff from their future.

I spam my readers with a lot of Rory and James fluff.  The truth is, their relationship and it's development in the story is of special significance to me and my S.O.  We've spent a lot of time in separate worlds, just like Rory and James, because, sometimes life is convoluted (just like the Spiral!)

I'll be back next week, April 10th with the continuation of Chapter 3 and you can all find out how Rory covers for Gavin and Alexis.

In other news for my DC Metro readers, for a limited time, Volume 1 of Infinite Spiral and my minibook, Everyday Imaginings are available at the fantastic Fantom Comics in Dupont Circle!
Fabulous staff, fantastic selection, and fun location! Check them out!


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