Chapter 3: Into the Spiral, Page 69

Sorry for the delay in this page. I have been busy preparing the Prologue to Chapter 2 for print! That's right! Infinite Spiral is getting its first print run. Details to come. Remember this week is technically my official break week until I get through September!

I will also be at Baltimore Comiccon with Square City Comics September 5-8 and the next weekend at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda. Come see me and the rest of that talented crew (they are awesome people!).   Maps to come!

As for this page ... nearing the end of the second prologue of sorts now. So sorry for these long sentences! Though we haven't gotten all the details, they are starting to come together. Look at all those members of the Borrowed. Look at all their white streaks and purple eyes ... hrm ... What more is Gavin not telling us?

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