Chapter 3: Into the Spiral, Page 66

Gavin begins to tell us the story he heard as a child, but we are lucky and get to see another view.  So ... lots of family in panel 3. Guess who has their parents and grandparents represented!

I'll give a hint, far left with the silver hair is James's grandmother and the next Named One over is Christian's grandfather (a Keeper by his clothing).

You can also look around and get a pretty good picture of who are Keepers and who aren't in this little festive scene. Note the kids and center Keeper are in pastels. I posted a whole long to do on dA about clothing and the Named--but kids are figuring out their colors (as well as their magic and roles!).  Keepers give up and hide their colors so they can be open to the Memory and share that with their civilization.

Readers, this starts my three weeks on, one week off method of maintaining the comic for the near future. I'm hoping to go back to a standard schedule after my September cons (SPX and Baltimore Comic-Con). Ramping up!

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