Chapter 2: Follow Me, Page 63

And that, friends and readers, is the end of Chapter 2

Split up again? Seriously these three can't catch a break, but there's something about the Crimson Lady that is different from the irrational fear of her guards ...  

And, say hello to the cameos from the hiatus contest!  

Winner (far right): Deirdre Stanson, by Windoula
Runner up: (in the back with Rory): Raven Keystone, by SilverShadowPheonix
Honorable mention: (far left) Phillip Oakwood, by WielaZystna
Honorable mentioned: (left of Deirdre) Alice Hunter, by Ravenshymn

Needless to say, Rory going to the Wisen and James and Christian going to jail means we're in for exciting adventures in chapter 3! 

And where in the Spiral did Gavin get off to, and more importantly, why does he care so much about Rory? 

Find out in mid-June (which is when I'm hoping to have the script in order and a proper bank of pages. Stay tuned on Chapter 3 news and teasers via FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr! And look for a voting incentive at Topwebcomics soon!

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