Sad News and New Page Tomorrow

Everyone, I'm sorry I've continued to be absent. My life has been non-stop since about February, when my beloved ferret, Paulie, was diagnosed with the cancer, insulinoma.  I just finished my move last week, when Friday his heart, with all the love it had to give, grew too big for his body. He had to leave me at 6 and a half years old. Heart disease, on top of the already incurable cancer.

This more or less is what I've been able to accomplish the past week-coping. There is now such a thing as ferret-dragons. Gavin is quite confused by the playful creatures ... Paulie had a lot of dragon stuffies, so it seems only appropriate that this one looks a lot like him-with scales and wings.

After I finish Chapter 2 there will be a hiatus ahead of Chapter 3. To give myself time to find my workflow again, and do a few projects that give me some solace. 62 will be posted tomorrow. 63 is coming next week if I can pull it off.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

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