Can We Keep Him (In Other Worlds)

Sometimes a week is so stressful and busy that when I turn to Infinite Spiral, I can't meet my own standards on quality of line or color. This was one of those weeks in the end. Thankfully, due to the level of stress, I drew a sketch a silly comic in Photoshop to make me smile. So, I'm sorry I cannot give you a page this week (there are some cool things in the works), but I will give you this non-canon bit of Rory, James, and Gavin ridiculousness. I needed a smile-hope it gives you one too.

My work project is ramping up, so I hope to keep this to a minimum.

Gavin, as we have noticed, has a bit of a habit of wandering through worlds and time (which we also saw in "Reality"). What would happen if he popped up on Rory and James sometime in their future? This silliness is the result.

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