Chapter 2: Follow Me, Page 37

Alexis couldn't stand it, she's a bit forward and has been with Gavin just long enough to know how proximity effects his mood. Gavin's climbing down the ladder, she's annoyed with him, and there's convenient proximity.

His attempt to push himself into the bookshelf away from her amuses me as he tries to continue what he considers to be a coherant conversation. Then, the horror, she up and touches his shoulder. He manages to find the book and this is enough distraction for him to whirl free of her, forgetting her proximity and about bowling her over.

I'm not sure whether Alexis has resumed annoyance or is disappointed at his slightly flustered behavior-not even a proper blush? Does he even notice people? Then ... something goes wonky with time and he gets very serious, and does the exact opposite of the first few panels this page.

She'd better grab his hand soon ...

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