Infinite Spiral: Mother's Day Special 2013

Happy Mother's Day from the Spiral!

I did this illustration, in lieu of a page, as a thanks to my mother and grandmothers. James and Christian's mothers are fierce and devoted in ways yet to be revealed. Whether the boys know it or not, there are ways they are always keeping them safe, physically, in spirit, or mental bond. Family may be terrorized and broken, but it is a powerful force in the Spiral, amongst human and Named alike.

Of course, this is a bit more physical for the two as little ones. James's mother would brave Christian's world when James was small because of a fondness for Rapha's buffoon of a boy, and his devoted, loyal mother, Marion. James's mother (still working on that name) only wished she could take back the two with them but Named Ones didn't much approve of the half-human children of Named any more than humans seemed to approve of the half Named children of humans... little would she realize one day, she'd be leaving James with the human woman and her half-Named son because it would be safer than his home ...

Because mothers always have a reason.

Side world note: The Named have all of these colors in their hair. My current thought is the light affects their hair this way the older they get, so James's hair is largely one color, but one day it might reflect any number of colors in the right light.

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