Chapter 1: Awakening, Page 29

 The chapter has come to a close.  Rory, either ignoring or missing the fact the boys (well James) is terrified of her, decides to go chase them down, completely missing herself in the book.  Gavin shows up for clean up.  Things don't look good for him, and we can decidedly say this is not the same Gavin we saw in the library, especially since his coat is gone and he is missing Alexis. Since Gavin's declared himself Singular in the Prologue, there's only one good explanation for that ;).

And scene.  The comic will be taking a break until mid April while I deal with Gavin's fantastic creeping in the next chapters, do a little clean up and prep work, and go on some company travel (I have a full time day job).  Never fear.  I'll post sketches, writing, silliness in the meantime here on the Tumblr and on Infinite Spiral's Facebook Page. In fact, it is a gorgeous day and I owe you all some backstory.

In the meantime, feel free to Ask Me Anything.

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