Prologue "Aurora" Page 06

 Rory has the sinking suspicion she is not alone, and accosts the statue thinking it is alive. But silly Rory should know from "Blink" never to trust statues when you aren't looking at them ... (Surely she watched Doctor Who in her home universe, right? It is like ours.) Yes, I'm deliberately calling out the Weeping Angels connection here. I actually had this part of the prologue come up in a dream of mine long before I ever watched any DW. This has eerie connections to those baddies. I've used this "awakening" sequence to attempt to remove some of that and what happens in the next two pages ought to seal it off (though there are still some weird connections--what is with my brain?). Seriously, too good and vivid a dream sequence to waste--the angel/statue in the dream was even bald!

The real question you all should be asking is, who is that guy who enchanted the statue?

World and Story Notes: "Dawn has fallen" is deliberate playing with words, in case that sounds odd to anyone. The idea of being singular in time is significant and the term "Singularity" will surface (anyone who likes the idea of multiverses ought to have some thoughts here). The Spiral is indeed a reference to what the title means.

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